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5 Lethal Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Being A Fool


Did you know that more than 4.8 million Singaporeans have access to the internet? Digital marketing is becoming one of the most popular and effective methods to promote your business and reach out to your consumers.

However, marketing online can get tricky, especially with the growing involvement of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), paid ads, content marketing and so much more. We don’t want you going out there looking like a fool, so here’s 5 common mistakes that many have been guilty of and how you can steer clear from them!


  1. Everyone Is Your Target Audience


When businesses target too broadly, it means they aren’t providing relevant content to interested people. You should be marketing to a niche, not a demographic. You need to target people that can be converted into customers.

Solution: Focus your marketing efforts on your company’s Buyer Personas, which should be based on your High Value Customers. You can derive Buyer Personas by researching on your target audience.


  1. Forgetting Your Website Still Exists


Your website will receive little to no traffic without any marketing efforts. What’s the point of having a website if you aren’t taking advantage of web traffic that can potentially be converted to customers?

To thrive in today’s digital world, having a user-friendly website that’s easy to use and provides valuable information is vital. So don’t neglect your website design!

Solution: Regardless of your website’s purpose or objective, proper marketing is always the key to its success. Ensure your website is user-friendly to keep the web traffic coming!


  1. No Thanks To Social Media


The average user spends 28% of their internet time on social media. If you aren’t already using it, you’re missing out big time on forging a relationship with your customers and boosting their affinity with your brand!

Before jumping into social media, you must determine the right platform(s) for your business. Generally, you’ll want to focus on platforms your target audience frequents the most and post regular content on those platforms to keep them engaged.

Solution: If you want to take your social media strategy to the next level, you can invest in social media advertising which allows you to appear in relevant users’ newsfeeds and target them with products or services that fit their interests.


  1. Having Unrealistic Digital Marketing Goals


There are no shortcuts or tricks when it comes to marketing. It requires a considerable investment of money, time, and hard work.

If you don’t track your goals, you won’t know where your campaign succeeded or what areas you need to work on improving. Unrealistic goals are discouraging because you won’t achieve them no matter how well you implement and optimize your digital marketing strategies.

Solution: Set clearly-defined goals before launching your digital campaigns. Take some time to determine what key performance indicators (KPIs) best match your goals and track them throughout your whole campaign.


  1. Not Having A Marketing Plan


Having a marketing plan is crucial for your company’s success. You must establish a basic marketing plan before throwing all your money and resources into your campaigns.

A comprehensive marketing plan will help direct your daily activities, guide your approach, help measure your successes and failures, and will ensure that you are getting the most from available resources.

Solution: Take the time to develop an actionable marketing plan that is suitable for your business. A marketing plan that combines long-term planning with short-term execution will help you make better decisions!

Although mistakes help us grow, these are just some essentials that you need to know to easily avoid many digital marketing mistakes and pitfalls. Most of these solutions may become pretty time-consuming and require a dedicated team of marketers to make things work. Don’t worry, let us help you out on this one. Contact us and let’s get to work!



If you want to begin investing in marketing for your company, but are worried or don’t know how to start, do not fret! That’s exactly what we’re trained to do, ready to bring you to the digital success your company deserves. Contact us today to get started. Send an email at  or click the blue messenger button at the bottom right, and we can get to work straight away.

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