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5 Ways to Differentiate Your Company From Your Competition


You know that you and the other sellers are all very different and unique in many aspects, but do the customers know that as well? To the uninformed customer, you guys sell the same product.

So, how do you inform the uninformed customer? How do you get that specific edge over the rest of competition while also building your image, that you are the best in that field? Here are 5 ways to get your business to where it needs to be.


Before focusing on the competition, focus on getting ready for the competition. Understanding the nooks and crannies of your businesses allows you to get a better grasp on the strengths and weaknesses of your products before your market yourself for everyone to see.

Knowing what you are good at allows you to shape your strategies accordingly, giving you the upper-hand over the rest. Understanding how your product is better than others allows you to market that strength to the customers better, making you more desirable to the audience.


After working on yourself, take the time to gather insights and understand your competitions’ businesses. How do they function? Why do they sell what they sell? What makes them unique?

Keeping tabs on what they do and understanding how they function can allow you to predict what they plan to do next, giving you a strategic advantage when trying to gain the upper hand.

Understanding your competitors also allows you to plan fresh and new ideas to deliver something to your audience that you know your competitors can’t, making you the better choice in the audience’s eyes. Be the only group of people able to deliver that special product and service that others can’t.



Have the best customer support, have the best returns policy, be amazing at something that your competitors are terrible at. This makes you seem the obviously better choice when compared to others in the industry.

This also plays back to the point of understanding your competitors, knowing how they function means that you can play to your strengths and work better and faster than them.

This acts as a “premium” incentive for people to deal business with you instead of others, to gain the benefits of dealing with you that they can’t get from dealing with others.


Nobody has a perfect relationship, and that applies to your relationships with customers too. Despite how hard it may be, make the extra effort to build a healthy and trustful relationship with your customers.

Many people believe that selling their products is the number one goal to ensuring a business succeeds, but the actual goal is to capture customers.

By convincing customers that you are the right choice and building that relationship with them, you can convince a one-time client to become a return customer


Customer feedback is immensely important, because the customers are the ones who are using your products or services, not you. It is one thing to design something the way you imagine it to be, but to ignore the opinions of your customers will cause them to realize that you don’t care about them

This will in turn cause you to lose a lot of business, and destroy relationships that you have worked so hard to earn. Why go down the route of losing what you’ve spent blood, sweat and tears (and, most importantly, money!) building for such a long time?

Getting feedback from your customers and improving the products to their needs allows them to feel involved, and they will feel as though they are valued customers.

With this, they will stay with your company, ensuring that they won’t go to your competitors.


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