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STOP making these 4 MAJOR web design mistakes today

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When it comes to website design, there are many factors to consider to develop an appealing website which also generates revenue. For many businesses, its common to focus on an outstanding design rather than one that maximizes their conversion rates.

As your brand continues to grow, the last thing you want is to be guilty of is web design mistakes when launching an online presence. As previously mentioned in 5 Lethal Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid Being A Fool, having a good website is crucial for thriving in today’s digital world as your web traffic could become your next customers.

We understand the importance of a great website, so we recently underwent a full makeover for our own site! (Yes, you have the honor of reading this on our new website.)

We don’t want a poor website design to sabotage your sales. So, we summarized 4 of the most horrible mistakes you need to avoid today.


  1. Lack of a CLEAR call-to-action
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We can’t stress this enough. It’s extremely important to get your call-to-action (CTA) right. A good CTA commands your visitors to take action and this needs to be clear to them.

Tip: Make sure your CTA is simple and tells customers exactly what to do. Form-filling should be kept to a minimum and your visitors should be given a few minutes on your page before the CTA shows up.


  1. Having no RESPONSIVE design
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It’s crucial to note that responsive design makes your website more accessible to everyone regardless of the devices their on, be it smartphones or tablets.

When a website is not responsive, the desktop version would appear much smaller in their phones. Moreover, the website layout will also change as it tries to forcibly accommodate itself through the medium it was accessed from.

Tip: Remember to make your web design responsive to different mediums or it will negatively affect your website’s user experience and you wouldn’t want that right?


  1. Choosing a TERRIBLE font
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We all prefer content that’s easy to read and digest. So why disguise your fantastic web content with an unclear font?

Tip: Keep your fonts consistent and use the same fonts throughout your website. Settle on a font that best represents your brand and complements your design well. As mentioned in 4 Must-Dos For Brand Building With Social Media, brand consistency is key for building your brand online.


  1. Your website is STILL loading
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People are impatient, and they can easily leave to search for another website providing the same services but loads faster. The slower a site, the more likely a user is to bounce. The rule of thumb is: anything that takes more than four seconds to completely load is considered SLOW.

Tip: This can be a technical issue. Thus, you need to to involve your developer to find ways to improve the page load time for your website.

In conclusion, creating a good website design isn’t an impossible task. You have to keep your target audience and brand image in mind while designing. Figure out what they want, when and how they want it, then give it to them. This can be a taxing process and we totally get you. Contact us and let us get it done for you!



If you want to begin investing in marketing for your company, but are worried or don’t know how to start, do not fret! That’s exactly what we’re trained to do, ready to bring you to the digital success your company deserves. Contact us today to get started. Send an email at  or click the blue messenger button at the bottom right, and we can get to work straight away.

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