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The 4 Secrets to GUARANTEED conversion with Social Media Content (2021 Updated)


Let’s be honest, we all love receiving tons of likes and comments on social media. The feeling of satisfaction is unbeatable! We hate to break it to you, but high engagements do not equate to more sales. It doesn’t simply stop at just posting aesthetic pictures and maintaining a nice feed.

Developing content that converts is the key to successful brand building on social media platforms, as previously covered by us in 4 Must-Dos For Brand Building With Social Media.

You might be wondering, if that’s the case, then how exactly do I create social media posts that actually convert?

Well, as the social media marketing gurus, we’re here to let you in on 4 life-changing secrets to churn out content guaranteed to increase leads and effectively grow your business!


  1. Know What Your Audience Want

Instead of trying to squeeze all your brain juice to develop something of your own, attempt to create content that your audience wants to read. Your social media marketing success stems from creating content that is relevant to your audience’s needs.

Study your audience’s tastes and preferences through research or conducting polls and surveys with them. Don’t forget that you can also extract data from social media insights!

Check the currently trending hashtags or what’s going viral on the various social media channels and try to create content around those topics.

Let your audience know you’re speaking to them!
Now that you have conducted research on your audience, the next step is to address their concerns in your content. Your prospects want to know how your product or service is going to benefit them, so it’s your job to convince them that you have the best solution for their needs.

You can start by writing a new headline! Your headline is extremely important in attracting your audience’s attention and driving them to share it with others.

How to create awesome headlines that convert like crazy? Simply follow this proven 5-step formula to get started:

  • Draft your headline
  • Experiment with 25-30 variations
  • Include sensory power words
  • Analyze and optimize your headline
  • Don’t forget to test and evaluate it!


  1. Capture Attention With More Visuals


The most visually unique and creative content are often the most effective, because they grab our attention and don’t let go.

Adding visuals makes your content more interesting and keeps your audience engaged. Make sure that all the main points of your content stand out through visuals, bullet points, and infographics!


  1. Appeal To Emotions


Bring your perspective to your work. People eagerly listen to stories about the human experience.

Use anecdotes, metaphors, and analogies when creating content. Don’t shy away from sharing personal experiences your audience can relate to!

Your audience will feel the human side of your business and connect with you in a more meaningful way!


  1. End with the right call to action


A post without any call to action is a job half done. So, don’t be afraid to tell people what to do if you want to see results!

But the “right” call to action vastly differs between someone being inspired by your fantastic content and deciding to contact you, and someone being inspired, but deciding to simply bookmark your page for later perusal.

While trying to increase conversions, always remember to use social media the right way. You need to strategise and take actions that bring measurable results.

Users aren’t on social media platforms to see brand ads. Most have even learned to selectively ignore branded content.

Want the secret to counter that and start generating leads fast? We’re just an email away at!



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