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What Is Rich Media Advertising?

83% of people say, “Not all ads are bad! I just really hate the annoying ones.”

While you might be happy with the ads you’re putting out (creative direction here, pretty graphics there), the truth of the matter is most people are probably going to look at it for a few seconds, get annoyed and exit out of the ad. Like you do, when you see advertisements from other businesses.

But that’s the problem, right? Most ads are annoying. So what type of ads aren’t?

Well, out of the few types that do exist, one of the formats is called Rich Media. Pompous name, but let’s brush that aside. What is rich media?

What the hell is Rich Media?


The name “Rich Media” makes you think that it’s some sort of high end technology, state of the art software, but it’s really simple. It’s an advertisement that combines text, images, audio, animations and more into one.

You’ve probably seen a lot of rich media ads already without noticing! Dynamic and versatile, rich media advertisements fit and work according to how the audience interacts with it. These ads, unlike others, are meant to be interactive to deliver a better experience for users.

What’s the difference?

Regular advertisements are non-interactive, very simplistic in design (text or image, maybe a GIF at most!), incompatible with most technology and very limited. Clicking on the ad only directs users to the advertiser’s websites, and ad performance can only be measured through clicks.



Rich media advertisements on the other hand are expandable, dynamic and behaves according to user interaction. Audio and video driven too, they’re not limited to only texts or images and they’re compatible with Java, HTML and other software. Clicking on it can cause a game to start, or expand the ad, or play sound, however you program it. Last but not least, ad performance can be measured through many ways (how long the video plays, how long they stay on the ad, if they interacted and played with the game).

To simplify, rich media advertisements are just better advertisements.

Okay, fine. How do I make these ads?

In all honesty, creating advertisements is, in itself, already difficult. Rich media being more dynamic and versatile adds on to the already existing difficulty. But, there are ways that make it a tad bit easier for you.

Certain tools such as Banner Snack and Google Web Designer (some of their features are free!) offer readily made templates if you’re not too design-savvy. But let’s say you ARE design-savvy, what tools should you be using?

Adobe software such as Flash Builder and Animate CC work great for making rich media advertisements, and many tutorials exist online on how you can get started!

Our advice though? Focus on the business and running it well. Advertisements are a lot to plan and execute, let us handle it for you. Contact us through our social media handles or website, and we can start working our magic.



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