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Why Good Website Design Can Improve Your Business


You just bought a brand-new home, and you’re looking to spice up the place with some furniture. Your friends recommended you a store that sells exactly the type of furniture you’re looking for, so you decide to search the company on Google. Hey look, they have a website. You think to yourself, “Maybe I’ll look through their online store and see what’s nice.”

You open up the website, and everything is everywhere. Ads litter the screen, the colors of the website hurt your eyes, and you can’t even find the catalogue section of the store. You decide it’s not worth your time, there are other furniture companies out there anyways, and then move on to searching for other online stores.

Do you want this to happen to your customers? Website design can make or break your online customers, so why save a few dollars on website design when in the end, you’ll be losing on a lot more business? Here are three reasons exactly why you shouldn’t be saving those few dollars.


1. Good Design Sets Good Impressions



When your audience visits the website, the appearance and the design of the website will give an initial impression, and in those precious first few seconds of contact, you want to give them the best impression possible.

Unappealing, outdated and ugly website design will give your audience a negative impression, finding your business unprofessional. This in turn, would result in them leaving your page, searching for other businesses to deal with.

With this in mind, ensuring your website gets a great outfit is important. Website design can be the deciding factor for an audience to pick you, or your competitor.


2. Improve Your Chances of Being Found Online



Having a website immediately ensures that your reach will extend from the offline world into the online world. Around 1.92 billion people around the world shop using the internet, so why limit your business to the people around you physically?

Of course, millions of other businesses already reside in the virtual world, so how do you get an extra step ahead of those already there? With the usage of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a strongly designed website brings your name closer to the top when they search for topics related to your business.

Another feature that assists your website on being noticed better online is Google My Business. A feature implemented by Google, those who google your business will immediately notice your website. Good website design will attract them, and further persuade them to do business with you instead of others.


3. Online Presence Improves Your Credibility



77% of consumers say businesses without websites are less trustworthy. Websites allow you to showcase your business in its entirety. It condenses all the information about your business into one website, allowing you to tell your story to your audience.

Condensing all that information into one website allows your customers to understand how working with you benefits them entirely, allowing them to find all the information they want and need before they make decision.

Website design ensures that they will receive the information well, and it can improve how your portfolio looks, helping you secure the customers before your competitors do.

Almost 40% of small businesses don’t have a website. That’s 40% of businesses missing out on each of the benefits of having a digital presence. By creating a professional and easy-to-navigate website, you are ahead of the competition by 40% instantly.

And that’s only the first step of having a strong digital presence. Digital marketing, social media, advertising, these are all other pillars to propel your business outwards. Ensure your business stays a step ahead of your competitors, improve your digital presence today.


If you want to begin investing in marketing for your company, but are worried or don’t know how to start, do not fret! That’s exactly what we’re trained to do, ready to bring you to the digital success your company deserves. Contact us today to get started. Send an email at  or click the blue messenger button at the bottom right, and we can get to work straight away.

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