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Why Consumer Trust Is Important (And How To Build It)


In a relationship, you and your significant other builds trust over the time you spend bonding and going out on dates. It’s an investment, developing a strong relationship is tough but it’s worthwhile. However, if at any point you break that trust that you and your significant other spent so much time developing, it’s hard (almost impossible) to build it back.

The same idea actually applies in a business setting. At any moment you break that trust that you have spent a lot of time (and probably a lot of money too) building, your clients will simply go to a competitor because they don’t want to waste their time (and money, as well) on something that does not provide results.

Here are two reminders as to why your customers trusting you plays a vital role in the future of your business.

Without Customers, There Is No Business


Our businesses will cease to exist when our customers disappear. They are what drives the company forwards, to improve and to expand. Thus, helping our customers should be one of the priority objectives of the businesses, with profits being under that. Without customers, there wouldn’t be profits in the first place.

And of course, the vital first step to ensuring that our customers stay with us is to develop and maintain their trust. Ensuring that we have their trust ensures that we have their support, and their support is the number one thing businesses should be aiming to achieve.

Happy Customers Mean Happy Business


Most people don’t realise this, but happy customers are actually the number one method to marketing your company. Positive reviews from your customers will cause their peers (friends and family) to see your company in a positive light, possibly even gaining more customers (and who doesn’t want that?)

You can throw as much funds as you want into advertising or SEO, but all of these other marketing methods only improve brand awareness. Word of mouth and reviews improve brand credibility, which can make or break a new customer’s decision. After all, who wants to do business with a shady company?

If you run a business, you should know that it’s easier to lose a customer than to gain one. Seeing negative reviews can immediately leave a bad taste in people’s mouth, whereas seeing positive reviews improves your credibility and visibility, slowly but surely convincing new customers that you’re worthy of their time and money.

So, now we understand why consumer trust is important and vital for a business’s livelihood. But how do we build it? Understanding why something is important is one thing, but to develop it is another, and we all want to be ahead of the competition, so how do we start convincing our consumers that they should believe in our businesses?

Be Present On All Possible Platforms


A good online presence can earn you trust from those who haven’t interacted with your business yet, giving you a head-start against other competitors. Create as many relevant social media accounts as possible, the essentials being Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and (especially important for business-to-business) LinkedIn.

Having active and authentic (Ever see that verification tick celebrities and big brands have?) means that you will be seen as an official and credible business on those platforms. People are more likely to trust an account that has consistent updates on their social media platforms than an account that posts once every season.

The saying, “Action speaks louder than words,” has never been more accurate, and customers only believe in what you do, not what you say. What better way to showcase what the company does through social media platforms? These platforms allow you to post pictures and videos of the company, allowing customers to absorb this information easily, convincing them further.

Having an active social media presence also ensures you’re in touch with the customers by being relevant and up to date with the recent trends. It also gives your customers a method to reach out to you directly, giving you the opportunity to show that you care about them.

Professional and User-Friendly Websites


A well-made website allows new consumers to easily read up on what your company does and what your company has done.  Your customer’s experience on the website is the number one priority, as a negative experience will lead them to leaving your business.

Well-designed and easy-to-navigate websites means your consumers will have a quick and easy time of learning what your company is all about, increasing the chances of gaining customers. On the other hand, slow websites will lead to consumers getting frustrated with your business and leaving the website.

The fact that the customers bothered to go onto your websites means you almost convinced them that they should shop from you. Why risk losing that potential customer by having an unoptimized and badly designed website?

Businesses are not only about making a quick profit. Your business should focus on ensuring your customers and clients are happy with you. Your success depends on them, they’re the reason you managed to go into business in the first place. Invest in them and listen to their thoughts, continue building your relationships with them and your business will begin to succeed even more.


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