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Why Is Copywriting Important?


Ever read a good story? Ever felt impacted, inspired, motivated to make a decision?

Each single piece of copywriting is, in itself, a story. Aimed to inspire people to take action, be it purchase something, donate to an organisation, start exercising. Copies are the way to reach out to people, despite how “small” it may seem. In fact, it’s the most important aspect of marketing.

But, why?

Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Effective Copies Build Good Brand Images

Brand image is how the company portrays itself to the audience. It influences how customers sees your business, and what they will think of it. Good copywriters have a deep grasp of who the company is and what you are trying to portray yourself, and actually send out that image throughout their copies. Bad copies can actually harm your brand image, turning away potential customers.

Good Copies Can Convince Your Audience To Take Action

As businesses, we want our customers to interact with us and only us, not our competition. The best way to do that? Capture their interest and prove that doing business with us and not with others will change their lives for the better. The copies that are being written are important because it needs to connect with the audience, or else they won’t bother considering what you can offer.

“Well, I see now why good copies are really important. But I’ve never really thought about this, how do I write good copies?” Well, here are a few pointers to push you in the right direction.

Headlines Should Impact and Intrigue the Audience


Every writer needs to know that the headline is what convinces the audience to read the copy. With an uninteresting and generic headline, your copy will be useless because they won’t even click to read more. Follow the 4 U’s of headline writing, “Useful, Urgent, Unique and Ultra-specific.” Headlines should already convince your audience to check the copy out.

Make Every Word Matter

Every unnecessary word means a lesser chance of convincing your audience to continue reading. Do your best to avoid fillers as it doesn’t give the readers any information, it just takes up more of their already valuable time. This doesn’t mean you can’t write long detailed copies, it just means that every word should have a purpose. Else, what is the point?

Don’t Speak Down to Your Audience

When writing copies, you must, and I repeat, MUST, avoid carrying a condescending tone when writing to your audience. Yes, you are the expert here, and yes, you know more than your customers. But that doesn’t mean you should treat them like little kids!

No matter how amazing your product or service is, people won’t talk to you if you sound like you’re demeaning them. Your customers are merely searching for a solution, treating them with respect and decency will help you become the solution they’re searching for.

Still don’t know where to start? Or do you think it’s not important enough to put effort in? Contact us through our website or our social media handles and we’ll get straight to writing for you. Just focus on your business, we’ll do the rest.



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